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  • Valve control: NORYL

  • Frame: Painted aluminum.

  • Pipe fittings: polyethylene.

  • Ionic mass container: Glass fiber reinforced with polyethylene.

  • Brine container: polystyrene insert with tableted salt (change after each regeneration).

  • Softener: Strong cation mass.

  • Filter and dechlorinator: Activated carbon filter cartridge CB - carbon block 5 microns (changed every 6 months).

  • MAX operating pressure is 6 bar.

  • Min. operating pressure is 2 bar. MAX. the operating temperature of the water is 45 °C.

  • Max. Fe - 01 ppm.

  • Softener size: 250 mm x 370 mm x 445 mm.

Product code: softener ADRIATIC 5 : 3830017086899

The ADRIATIC 5 water softener is a portable device with an integrated manual system for setting the softening in stages for dosing brine, regeneration, rinsing and softening.


As a pre-filter, a CB 5 - carbon block 5 mcr insert is installed in the filter housing. The CB - 5 mcr carbon block filter is intended for protection against: chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, prevents the entry of all solid particles in the water that are larger than 5 microns, improves the smell and taste of water. By using the ADRIATIC 5 softener, the water is free of limescale and there is no trace of limescale after washing or rinsing.

It is an ideal protection against: dirt, chlorine corrosion and scale and protects the water heater, shower, faucets, machines that use humidification or cooling such as ovens for baking pastries and bread, coffee machines, humidification systems, washing machines, dishwashers, massage tubs when washing cars, vessels, etc. To improve drinking water, we recommend that the softener be used in combination with the IN - LINE, BRAVO DP, OASIS DP and EKO countertop water purifier systems.



  • Filtration rate: 5mcr

  • Improves the aroma and taste of water, anti-pesticide, insecticide and chlorine

  • PRODUCT CODE: 3830017082624

Vložek za vodo aktivno oglje

Total weight of softening device is 10 kg Installation should be carried out by a qualified person. By pass should be installed while device is oprating. The use of flexible hoses is mandatory! The plastic and brass water filters and components of these materials that have contact with drinking water are manufactured in accordance with Directive 98/83 / EC for consumption and production procedure.


  • Contains salt for cationic mass regeneration.
  • PRODUCT CODE: 3830017086912

Vložek za vodo aktivno oglej
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