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Centralno hišna mehčalna naprava


  • Inlet and outlet connection of softener: ¾''

  • Minimum inlet pressure: 2.5 bar

  • Maximum inlet pressure: 6 bar

  • Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz.

  • Minimum water temperature: + 5° C

  • Maximum water temperature: + 40° C

  • Operation of water softening based on ion exchange s

  • by mass cations.

  • Regeneration: salt (tablet salt - NaCl)

  • Operation: automatic (time and volumetric)

  • The water hardness is adjusted using the by-pass, which is an integral part of the device.

  • Softener in a common container with resin

The central home softener works on the basis of ion exchange with the help of cation mass. With the help of an automatic water softener, you remove limescale from the water and thus turn hard water into soft water. The water hardness can be adjusted with the help of the bypass valve (by-pass), which is an integral part of the device. In order to avoid high costs caused by limescale, the household softener EKO BS10 - K50 is an ideal solution to such problems, as it removes limescale from the water and thus effectively protects plumbing, heaters, household appliances, etc.


All softening devices are designed and assembled in Slovenia from quality and tested materials. We also provide you with professional help with the installation and service of the softener.




  • Filter connection: 19.05 mm (3/4''), 25.4 mm (1'')

  • Max. working temperature: 30 °C

  • Max. working pressure: 7 bar

A 60 mcr mechanical filter cartridge is installed in the first filter pot. The filter pot has a tap at the bottom for backwashing solid particles in the water. This extends the life of the mechanical filter insert and at the same time reduces filter maintenance costs. The mechanical filter insert keeps all solid particles larger than 60 µm in the water.


The second activated charcoal carbon block filter insert with 10 micron filtration is intended for protection against: chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, improves the smell and taste of water and retains all solid particles larger than 10 mcr.


USE: filtering for drinking water, protection for taps, boilers, washing machines, pipelines and for the protection of other household appliances.

They can be mounted directly behind the water meter or house pump. Installation should be carried out by a professionally qualified person. During installation, the filter must be sealed with Teflon. The installation should be carried out in a bypass line. The use of flexible hoses is mandatory!


The water filter made of plastic and brass and the components of these materials that have contact with drinking water are manufactured in accordance with the directive 80/778/EEC for consumption and production procedure. Filter inserts for mechanical cleaning are manufactured according to EU, EEC 80 / 778 standards.

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