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BravoMAX  - automatic self-cleaning filter

Removes impurities such as sand, rust residues and other solid particles that can damage the water supply network and household appliances (pipes, valves, taps, washing machines, etc.). The installation of a protective filter is a simple and effective solution to avoid the problems that would arise as a result. BravoMAX A is an automatic self-cleaning brush filter for cleaning the filter cartridge. The filter contains a pressure gauge to check the pressure drop across the filter cartridge. BravoMAX A is designed with a standard 150-micron filtration that removes coarse mechanical particles from water and prevents system damage.

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BravoMAX A is made entirely of stainless steel. The filter cartridge, which is also made of stainless steel, is designed to be resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure, which could cause deformation of the cartridge. BravoMAX A is the ideal solution for filtering higher water flow. The standard filtration of the BravoMAX A filter is 150 microns; other filtrations (100 and 200 microns) are per lead on request. BravoMAX A is available with threaded or flange connection. BravoMAX A is equipped with two pressure gauges to control the pressure drop across the filter cartridge, which allows you to easily determine the degree of clogging of the cartridge.

BravoMAX A is available in two versions:

  • BravoMAX A - short cleaning cycle (adjustable cleaning interval: every 2-4-6-8 hours);

  • BravoMAX A - long cleaning cycle (adjustable cleaning interval: every 12-24-36-48 hours)

Water consumption for each wash is 6 liters (at 3 bar). BravoMAX A requires a power supply (220V / 50Hz). In addition, the BravoMAX A is equipped with a black button that allows you to manually start the wash cycle whenever necessary and an output signal that can be used for pumps, solenoid valve, alarm, etc.

Filtration process

Water enters BravoMAX A from the outside of the filter cartridge towards the inside. BravoMAX A is an automatic self-cleaning filter with an electronic control panel that automatically starts filter cleaning. The innovative cleaning cycle consists of two actions: brushing the filter cartridge and opening the discharge valve, which creates a high-speed tangential flow that removes all impurities accumulated in the filter vessel. This method allows thorough cleaning of both the filter cartridge and the filter container. The filter cleaning starts automatically via the electronic control panel when the pressure drop across the filter cartridge reaches a pre-set value or at a pre-set time interval.


The standard version of the BravoMAX A is supplied with a supply on the left and an output connection on the right. In case you need a reverse link, please state this in the order.

Installation should be carried out in a suitable place by a professionally qualified person. BravoMAX A must be installed on the cold water supply in front of the devices to ensure that they are adequately protected. The filter is not designed to filter hot water. Installations should be carried out in the bypass line.


Cleaning and self-cleaning filters are protective filters and are not suitable for filtering water containing sludge, large amounts of sand, etc. In these cases, a filter of a different type must be used.

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