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We are a company with more than 20 years of tradition in the field of sales and production of water filtration and softening products. Our sales program includes a range of filters that enable efficient water treatment in households and industry. Products for water filtration are mainly sold in Slovenia, and recently we have expanded the sales market to other EU members such as Croatia, Germany, Austria, etc.

Our goals are to provide our customers high quality and affordable solutions for water treatment.

The sales program for filtration and softening of water includes:

  • filters and softeners for the entire house system;

  • softeners;

  • magnetic neutralizers;

  • filters and softeners for households

  • rainwater filters;

  • UV light bulbs for water disinfection;

  • replacement cartridges;

  • spare parts for the housing;

  • gadgets or. water quality measuring devices ...

Our beginnings date back to 1989, when Mirko Mencin started as a sole proprietor with the production of tools for sheet metal forming, plastics processing, various metal segments for furniture and development of magnetic neutralizing agents. In 1994, we laid out the guidelines for our development, especially in the ecological program of water filters for home and industry, and we have partnered with external partners. Due to the expansion of our business, we established EKOM d.o.o. in 2000. With our water filters program we are present in Slovenia as well as abroad around EU.


Our vision is to become the leading Slovenian provider of water treatment systems and one of the largest producers of magnetic neutralizors of limestone in the Central Europe. Our mission is to provide individuals and companies with products for drinking water treatment with the best ratio between quality and price.

Our goal - water quality for healthy life,

Our guide - the satisfaction of our customers.


Mirko Mencin, direktor Ekom, d.o.o.

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