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Mehanski Vložki.jpg
  • Inserts for mechanical filtration enable filtering of mechanical particles in the water.

  • Inox mechanical filters allow multiple use

  • Fine mechanical filters enable water filtration from 1 mcr onwards.

Kombinirani vložki.jpg
  • Inserts with multiple functions

Vložki aktivno oglje.jpg
  • Activated carbon improves the smell and taste of water.

  • It reduces the chlorine content and acts against pesticides and insecticides.

  • Sintered active carbon that enables filtration from 0.5 mcr to 10 mcr.

Vložki za različne aplikacije.jpg
  • Antibacterial and bacteriostatic and antinitrate inserts

Vložki za mehčanje vode.jpg
  • Polyphosphate crystals prevent scale and corrosion.

  • Inserts for DP-BIG housings

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