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BravoFIL -  self-cleaning filter

Removes impurities such as sand, rust residues and other solid particles that can damage the water supply network and household appliances (pipes, valves, taps, washing machines, etc.). The installation of a protective filter is a simple and effective solution to avoid the problems that would arise as a result. BravoFIL is a semi-automatic self-cleaning filter with a 360 ° (4 90 ° steps) adjustable connection, together with a built-in non-return valve. The cleaning system includes brushing and re-washing the filter cartridge and a dirt drain. BravoFIL is designed with a standard filtration of 89 microns, which retains coarse solid particles and consequently prevents damage. BravoFIL requires regular cleaning, at least two annual inspections are recommended for proper maintenance.



Water enters the BravoFIL from the outside of the filter cartridge towards the inside. BravoFIL is a self-cleaning filter with an innovative combined cleaning system, consisting of two parts: brushing and fast return flow with filtered water. This method allows efficient and thorough cleaning of the filter cartridge and the pot. Cleaning starts with turning the green knob: this movement activates brushing and opening the drain valve with each click. At the same time, the return water effectively removes impurities that have accumulated on the filter cartridge. The automatic opening of the drain valve located at the bottom of the container creates a high-speed tangential flow that removes impurities collected in the container.


Installation should only be carried out in a hygienically suitable place by a professionally qualified person. BravoFIL must be installed in the cold water line in front of the appliance (boiler, heat exchanger, etc.) to be protected. The filter is not suitable for filtering hot water. Bypass valves must be installed.


Cleaning and self-cleaning filters are protective filters and are not suitable for filtering water containing sludge, large amounts of sand, etc. In these cases, a filter of a different type must be used.

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