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filter za vodo eko tris


The triple house filter EKO TRIS is an ideal solution for water protection at the entrance of water into the building


Filtration for drinking water, protection for taps, toilet bowls, bolero, washing machine, pipelines and to protect other household appliances.  Also included are: filter wrench, wall filter brackets and screws for mounting the wall bracket on the filter head



  • A 50 mcr mechanical filter cartridge is installed in the first filter pot. retains all solid particles in water greater than 50 mcr. Cartridge replacement every 12 months.

  • In the second filter pot, a combined polypropylene filter cartridge with 25 mcr filtration is installed, which has a polyphosphat dosing agent installed in the middle, acts against limescale, anti-corrosive and prevents the entry of all solid particles in water larger than 25 mcr. Cartridge replacement every 6 months.

  • The third filter pot contains a CARBON BLOCK 5 mcr activated carbon filter cartridge and is the ideal solution to protect water against chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, improve the smell and taste of water while retaining all solid particles larger than 5 microns. Cartridge replacement every 6 months.


Installation should be performed by a professionally qualified person. During installation, the filter must be sealed with Teflon.  It can be mounted directly behind the water meter or in front of the water users themselves. The use of flexible hoses is mandatory!

In case of high pressure in the water supply system and possible fluctuations, it is necessary to install a valve to regulate the pressure with a manometer. In case the filter is installed behind a water pump or if a radiator is installed behind the filter, it is necessary to install a non-return valve behind the filter.

If the filter pot falls to the ground, it must be replaced with a new one despite the invisible damage, as micro damage to the eye can occur.  invisible.

After installing the filter or changing the cartridges, let the water run into the outlet for 5-7 minutes, only then can you use the water. Water filters made of plastic and brass and components of these materials which come into contact with drinking water shall be manufactured in accordance with Directive 80/778 / EEC for consumption and production procedure.




The filter connections are: 19.05 mm (3/4 ''), 25.4 mm (1 '')

Max. operating temperature: 30 ° C

Max. working pressure at cold water: 7 bar

Sealing: O-ring



  • Three-stage  house filter with flushing system

  • Three - stage filtration of particles 50, 25 and 5  mcr      

  • The activated carbon cartridge acts as protection against chlorine, pesticides and insecticides


Mechanical mesh insert

  • filtration rate: 50mcr

  • Size: 9.75 "

  • code:  38300170 80415

Combined mechanical filter insert

  • filtration rate: 25mcr

  • Size: 9.75 "

  • With polyphosphat crystals

  • code:  38300170 88879

Activated carbon cartridge

  • filtration rate: 5mcr

  • Size: 9.75 "

  • Protection against chlorine, pesticides, insecticides ...

  • code:  38300170 82624

Mehanski vložek z mrežico, 3830017080415


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